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Overcome Exercise Resistance by Embracing This Adventurous Motivation

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

Woman jumping at the top of a mountain.

At some point, most people have experienced feeling and looking better as a result of exercise. We all wish we could find more time and motivation for exercising. For some of us, we always seem to let ourselves down.

Much of the problem is our thoughts. We need to re-think physical activity. If you don't like the word exercise, you don't have to use it. But your muscles waste away (atrophy) if there is no movement. Inactivity can also cause structural pain. Therefore, even a little movement can prevent damage.

Therefore, it's time for some adventure in your life!

Choose an activity that truly motivates you. Whether it be backpacking, ballet, ballroom dancing, basketball, biking, golfing, walking, horseback riding, swimming, or anything else. You might even be a person who likes exercising in the way that we normally think, like going to the gym, doing zumba or running. Try new things. Be adventurous. Do what you “always wanted to do.” Be you.

A 2017 international study published in The Lancet revealed that being active prevents heart disease and death, whether it’s a structured gym workout or washing the floor. Isn’t that great news? (Lear)

If you are procrastinating, why do you think that is? Address any reservations and fears you may have. Chances are they stem from a mindset that can be changed.

The best way to start a new habit is to start it. Don't put it off because you think you need to buy a bunch of gear or pay for an expensive gym membership, fitness program, trainer, books, DVD’s, or shakes. Don’t give up because you think it won’t work, you don’t see results yet, you failed before, or you don’t have the “right" clothes or shoes...

Just start moving! It doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated, but it should be fun – so you’ll stick with it!

How Much Physical Movement?

The study above suggests 150 minutes of exercise per week based on their findings, which falls in line with the recommendations from the World Health Organization. You can break that down in whatever way makes it sound the most appealing to you, such as twenty minutes a day, or 2.5 hours per week, etc.

For the most health benefits, an overall recommendation is to exercise for 30-60 minutes per day. There are many studies available on this topic. You might find different information depending on where you look, but it makes sense that those who do 300 minutes of physical activity each week will have better results than those who do 150 minutes, right?

Exercise or physical movement sounds really time-consuming. Here are some tips to keep your spirits up.

  • The requirement is just movement that gets your heart rate up.

  • Time flies when you’re having fun.

  • Anything that starts out difficult becomes easier each time, especially physical activities.

  • Even five minutes is so much better than zero minutes.

What Time of Day is Best?

Some studies show that there are perks for exercising at certain times of the day, such as the morning, but nearly every conclusion is the same. The point is to do it. So, do it when it works for you and your schedule.

This was Step 5! So, that's it for the five steps to building a foundation for true health and beauty! If you missed a step, check them all out here.


Meg Grimm writes biblical studies and research articles that help set women free from impractical standards of the world. She strives to unveil true beauty and sensible body care principles from a godly perspective.


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