Basket and Wild Flowers

God's Diet Plan

Everything the Bible says, and doesn't say, about eating.

The Picture of Health as seen in the Bible

What does the Bible reveal about health and sickness, physicians and healers, prayer and healing?  What is our role, and what is God’s?

Stewardship of God's Creation

What is the truth about Christians and environmental issues? Where should our food come from? Learn to decipher your role in the care of creation.

Medicine of the Bible

Part 1: Bible Botany

Part II: Biblical and Talmudic Medical Practices

Part III: Oils of the Bible

When Natural Health is Not God's Way: 

Dangers of Complementary & Alternative Healthcare

Natural Medicine vs. New Age Medicine (Energy Medicine) and Dissecting Complementary and Alternative Healthcare with a Christian scalpel.

Organic Farmers Market

The Designer


We are created beings living in a created world.

What does our Designer reveal to us about health and healing in the Bible?