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Castle Gardens began as the quest of one woman to discover the truth

Meg's Story

In the beginning, I was hooked. I wanted to learn as much as I could about natural healthcare. I even enrolled in an educational program to become a board-certified Complementary & Alternative Healthcare Practitioner. At that time, I created a website, called Castle Gardens, where I planned to publish what I was learning about natural living in an easy-to-understand format for everyone. As a Christian, I would write from a Biblical perspective. As a researcher and journalist, I would include scientific evidence. 


But then things started to get weird. 

I noticed that I was not learning science in my school program. I began to wonder if it was a scam. To my shock, I discovered that the reason why I was not being taught biology and chemistry was because the supposed field of medicine I was in was based on energy. I found out the hard way that the field of Complementary and Alternative Healthcare is rife with anti-Christian concepts. I had unwittingly stepped over a boundary line, and there was nothing to do except walk away and suffer the financial loss.

At that time, I changed my website for the first time. Though my plans to become a health practitioner were no more, I was now on a personal mission. Castle Gardens became "a Bible-based, natural health resource and education project." Still a Christian researcher and now more driven to research than ever, I would investigate the real truth about healthcare, both traditional and conventional. As before, I would publish my findings for free. My motivations had not changed. I believed everyone deserved to know the truth. 

In the meantime in my personal life, I was learning a new hobby. I had become a crafter of artisan soap. I called my soap Blessing Soap because it moisturized my skin like no other. At first, I thought Blessing Soap was unrelated to Castle Gardens. But over the course of time, the Lord began to unfold for me that since I was not going to become a healthcare practitioner, Castle Gardens had a different purpose.

I am a Bible teacher.  I am a researcher, journalist and historian.  I have studied not only what can be found in the pages of the Bible and history about healthful living, but also skincare and beauty tips that I was already incorporating into Blessing Soap.


For the second time, I updated Castle Gardens. It became a content-rich blog revealing the wisdom of the Bible for healthful living and beauty. Blessing Soap had a place here. It was an appropriate product to help fund website so the content could stay available. Castle Gardens was also an appropriate platform to share my story so that others would be warned about occult influence within alternative medicine. Christians who are drawn to natural healthcare can fall prey to these deceptions, like I did.


So, through the years, Castle Gardens evolved with me to become what it was probably always meant to be. If this resource helps you in any way, my journey was worth it. Please do not hesitate to reach out and tell me about yourself. I would love to pray for you. I also welcome any questions about health and beauty from a Christian perspective. 

Blessings to you.

Meg Grimm

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